booty and pizza are life.

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my friend is really suicidal and I don't know how to help him. I tell him I love him and I'm here for him but idk.

Why does he want to kill himself?

I feel like I'm wasting my time with a guy. But idk. Idk if it's me or what

Well explain to me the situation :D

Can i go comfort you babe? 😌💕

Yes you can 😌

What's a good outfit to wear when you're just going to chill at your boyfriends house?

Matters what you have to wear. Me personally girls in sundresses are like heaven on earth.

i've seen that you've helped many people so i hope you can help me. it's been two years since me and my ex bf broke up and i still can't get over him. this is enough time to get over someone. cause i know he has gotten over me already

Why’d you guys break up

I HATE when people think that because they're "lightskin" they're automatically better. They feel like because of their skin tone they can treat people how they want and take 500 hours to reply to someone. I think everyone should be considered beautiful and no skin tone should be held over another.

Exactly what I think everyone should do and especially now that some black males are making darker skinned girls feel ashamed of themselves like no. Everyone is beautiful in their own way doesn’t matter of skin tone or anything they shouldn’t want to be different.

Just hide in my cheer bag and come to camp with me so at night u can hold me n say i did my best n kiss me goodnight n tell me tomorrow will be better

I will and just did so you ready for today my love :]